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Hand Rejuvenation

The skin on our hands is exposed to so many potentially damaging elements over the years – sun, working outside or at a job that requires heavy use of your hands, chemical damage from cleaning products, and just the everyday bumps and bruises of life. Because we often take our hands for granted, we may forget to protect and care for them as we should, which, when combined with the natural aging process, can result in wrinkled, sun-spotted skin that betrays our age or makes us look older than we really are. At Cosmetic Gynecology and Aesthetics, we offer the Phoenix-15 CO2 Laser, a device that can treat aging hands, refreshing and rejuvenating the skin and turning back the clock on your hands.

The skin on our hands ages just like on our faces – it is prone to hyperpigmentation (brown spots), loss of collagen and volume, and thinning of the skin. If your goal is to improve the appearance of your hands, eliminate the dark spots and improve the quality of crepey, wrinkled skin, then the Phoenix-15 CO2 Laser may be the treatment for you.

What is the Phoenix CO2 Laser?

The Phoenix-15 CO2 Laser is an ablative carbon dioxide laser, which means that it can deeply penetrate your skin and vaporize the damaged outer layers in the process. It works by dividing the laser beam (or fractionating it) into tiny light shafts that penetrate the protective outer layer of the skin (the epidermis) and cause it to peel off, revealing fresh, healthy skin underneath. At the same time, the heat from the laser and what the body perceives as an injury to the skin stimulates the skin cells to more rapidly reproduce to promote healing, and so it begins to generate collagen to repair the damaged skin. This collagen regeneration is what rejuvenates your skin, eliminating dark spots, and smoothing and plumping it from the inside out.

There are several advantages to using the Phoenix-15 CO2 Laser to treat aging hands and skin, including:

The longest laser wavelength available – the Phoenix-15 CO2 Laser can penetrate the skin as shallowly as five mm to as deeply as 30 mm, depending on your specific needs.

The ability to treat any skin color – many lasers, while effective, are limited in that they only work on lighter skin tones. The Phoenix-15 CO2 Laser can be safely used on all skin types.

The ability to treat deeper wrinkles and more severe damage from UV rays or scars – while ablative, the Phoenix-15 CO2 Laser is precise enough to be used safely and effectively on more delicate skin, and can remove dark spots and even precancerous growths.

The ability to remove warts at both the head and the root – the high energy that the Phoenix-15 CO2 Laser laser emits can vaporize the wart and coagulate the vessels that provide its blood supply, all without damaging surrounding tissue.

With the Phoenix-15 CO2 Laser, you can refresh your hands, revealing younger looking skin with increased volume and no telltale age spots.

What to Expect from Your Treatment

When you come in for your Phoenix-15 CO2 Laser session, you will get comfortable, and your provider will cleanse your hands and apply a topical numbing cream. Once your hands are sufficiently numbed, the cream is removed, and you are ready for treatment. When using the laser for hand treatments, the laser device is placed in an enclosure that allows for larger areas (like the hands) to be treated quickly and more uniformly. There are windows located on each side of the enclosure that allow the target treatment area to be viewed clearly by your provider to ensure proper treatment. The procedure itself takes approximately 20 minutes.

Phoenix-15 CO2 Laser Results and Recovery

There is no real downtime after your hand rejuvenation session, though depending on how aggressive your laser treatment is, you may experience some redness and swelling for a few weeks. Again, depending on the depth of penetration that you needed to refresh your skin, healing time may be a bit longer. The deeper the treatment, the more dramatic the results, but while you typically only need one session for total rejuvenation, some people choose to have two less penetrative treatments in order to avoid a longer healing process.

About a week after your treatment, you will notice some flaking and peeling of your skin, but this is soon followed by visible improvements in texture, elasticity and firmness, as well as newly soft, healthy skin. Keep in mind that because your results depend on your body’s natural processes, you won’t see your final results until about three to six months after your treatment. Your results are considered long-term, as long as you protect your hands – use sunscreen, moisturize, and wear gloves when using harsh chemicals or working outside.

If you have noticed that your hands are showing the effects of time and hard work, it may be time to consider the Phoenix-15 CO2 Laser for hand rejuvenation. Call our office today at 904-384-8023 to schedule a consultation, and learn how you can refresh the look of aging hands.

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