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Facial & Vaginal Rejuvenation with PRP

As we age, the skin of our body begin to loose volume, moisture decreases, fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear and the skin begins to sag as we loose skin elasticity. every day seems to bring something new that we begin to notice about our bodies – especially the skin on our faces. Loss of volume, a decrease in moisture, fine lines and wrinkles and the start of sagging or loose skin are just a few problems we see in the mirror each day. What you may not think about is how your vagina and vulva are affected by the changes in your skin. Age, childbirth and hormonal changes can affect the skin and tissue in your vagina, leaving you with laxity, dryness and reduced sexual sensation. At Cosmetic Gynecology and Aesthetics, we are a practice OF women, FOR women, so we have a unique understanding of the issues you encounter as you age. Our goal is to help you maintain your confidence and self-assurance, and enjoy your life at every stage. If you are suffering from problems related to aging skin (whether it is your face or vaginal area) we can help, offering an innovative treatment known as platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP).

What is Platelet Rich Plasma?

Plasma is an ingredient in the blood and is a clear, yellowish liquid consisting of about 90 percent water. Your blood volume is made up of about 55 percent plasma, and its main job is to assist the blood in moving smoothly through your body while working to keep your blood pressure stabilized. It also transports the proteins in the blood that are vital for clotting and immune support, and monitors and balances pH levels to ensure that your cells are functioning as they should.

Platelets are cells in the blood that are responsible for clotting. They are inactive most of the time, floating around in the blood until the body detects an injury. The damaged blood vessels at the site of the injury send out a signal to call the platelets to the area, where they bind to the vessel and cause your blood to clot, stopping the bleeding.
Platelet-rich plasma is formulated by drawing some of your own blood and processing it in a centrifuge, which separates the plasma and platelets from the other cells in the blood. It is then reintroduced into your skin via microneedling (for the face) or injections (for vaginal rejuvenation).

How Does PRP Rejuvenate Your Vagina?

For many women, loss of libido happens as a result of hormone changes or emotional changes that occur as we age. But for some women, sex may have become something that you no longer enjoy because it is painful or you don’t experience the pleasure you once did. One of the most common issues that women encounter as they age is vaginal dryness, which can be due to changing hormones or even side effects from certain medications. A loss of desire or the inability to enjoy sex can not only affect your relationship with your partner, but it can also impact your confidence and even your emotional and physical health.

This is where vaginal rejuvenation using PRP can be extremely beneficial. Because platelets are responsible for both promoting healing and regenerating healthy tissues in in your body, PRP can be an ideal solution when you are looking for a vaginal treatment with rejuvenating properties. Depending on your needs, PRP injections can be done in the tissue surrounding the clitoris, urethra and g-spot – and when it is injected into the areas targeted for treatment, it can help regenerate healthy, supple vaginal tissue and result in increased lubrication, increased blood flow and better nerve response.

PRP treatments are non-invasive and take under an hour to complete. It is virtually painless and offers no side effects. Because these treatments rely on your body’s natural processes to regenerate healthy tissue, while you may experience some immediate improvement, it usually takes up to 12 weeks for the full effect of the treatment to be noticeable. The majority of women only need one treatment to address their vaginal issues, and results can be are long-lasting, but you may need a touch-up or follow-up treatment to enjoy the full benefit of the procedure.

How Does PRP Work to Fight Aging on Your Face?

The combination of platelets and plasma in PRP treatments contains stimulating growth factors that can boost cellular growth, resulting in smoother, more supple skin. When you choose PRP treatments for your face, keep in mind that it’s not like Botox or fillers, in that it doesn’t smooth or add volume to your face artificially. Instead, the serum is absorbed into your face through tiny punctures created by a microneedling device. Your body recognizes the miniscule punctures as injuries and immediately begins the healing process – producing new collagen and elastin, and stimulating new cell growth. The addition of the platelet-rich plasma enhances the healing, and the result is the natural regeneration of your skin – smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles and boosting volume in the areas where you had previously seen volume loss.

PRP facial treatments offer the best results for people with mild to moderate signs of aging, and for those who want a more natural, long-term answer to their skin issues. Because the treatment relies on your body’s natural processes, you will see more gradual improvements in your skin than you would if you chose the more “quick fix” option of fillers.

If aging skin is affecting your quality of life, it may be time to explore the benefits of platelet-rich plasma therapy at Cosmetic Gynecology and Aesthetics. Call our office today at 904-384-8023 and schedule an appointment to find out if PRP can help rejuvenate your face and jumpstart your sex life.

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